HelloFresh is one of the biggest providers of recipe boxes, which are boxes containing fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to your door. Since 2015 Het Vertaalcollectief has been the translator of choice for HelloFresh. Every week we translate all their recipes for the French-speaking Walloon market and we provide English translations for their website.

The challenge

In order to guarantee consistent quality, we work every week with the same team of translators, proofreaders and project managers. Our DTP operator does the layout for the French recipe cards. Meanwhile our collaboration has expanded to include Christmas and Easter specials as well as legal translations for HelloFresh.


We are immensely proud that for almost two years now we have been HelloFresh’s go-to translation partner. Its’ truly amazing to have been able to grow alongside such an amazing enterprise. We always feel irresistibly peckish whenever we’re working for HelloFresh and our translators are now familiar with a huge range of exotic ingredients.