Proofreading website

Proofreading website

The time has finally come, and your new e-commerce site, sustainable food blog, or dating forum is ready to go online. Want to make sure you’re hitting the right note and not overlooking unfortu-nate linguistic errors? Then bring in The Translation Collective for an extra pair of editorial eyes!

A proofreader is your best friend

Building and shaping a website often takes months of your precious time. Add to that the hours you spend writing the copy, and it can feel like a herculean task, so it’s not surprising if you over-look the odd grammatical error, awkward sentence construction, or stylistic flaw. Fortunately, our proofreaders can scour your site with the digital equivalent of a red pen, ensuring that it sounds professional and uses the right tone of voice.

Our customer Gemvision makes smart glasses that help team members to communicate with one another. We translated and edited this innovative company’s English-language website to ensure it spotlighted their product in a clear and consistent way.

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If you’re the proud owner of a beautiful website and want it to be absolutely flawless, contact us. Our enthusiastic word nerds can’t wait to get started!

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