Translate brochure

Translate brochure

A stylish brochure is a great way to put your organisation in the spotlight. And if you have international ambitions, you’ll obviously want to make it available in other languages. If you’re looking for punchy copywriting or a finely crafted translation, The Translation Collective can help.

Tips for an amazing brochure

Producing a high-quality brochure is a challenge for many businesses. Get it right, and it will make an impact by informing and persuading readers. But a sloppy brochure that looks or sounds odd can adversely affect your image and credibility, and you don’t want that happening. Here’s some tips for getting your brochure right before having it professionally translated by The Translation Collective.

1. Know your audience

The purpose of a brochure is usually to sell something, so it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of your target market. Are you sure you can pinpoint who they are, and what kind of things they’re interested in? Spend some time deciding who you’re producing your brochure for.

2. Sum yourself up

Once you’ve got your priorities sorted out, it’s time to come up with a brilliant one-liner, as Darth Vader once did, that sums up the essence of your business and makes an indelible impression. If you need help with a punchy slogan, our team of expert copywriters can help. In fact, they can even help you to write the whole brochure.

3. Speak their language (literally)

So you have your sparkling copy and brilliant tagline, but can your foreign customers understand what you’re saying? Here again, we can help. We’ve been translating brochures and other sales copy for donkey’s years, and we love a creative challenge! In fact, translating slogans is one of the things we enjoy most.

We can translate your brochure

Of course, when we translate or edit your brochure we can also work in the layout itself, using InDesign, for example. That way, you can be sure that it looks just as good in English, French, or Swahili.

If you have a brochure you’d like translated, ask for a quote below, or discuss the options with us here.

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