Translate factsheet

Translate factsheet

In the age of fake news, facts matter. If you’ve written a report, set of guidelines, or other longish document for your organisation, why not summarise the results in the form of a factsheet giving the key message and data? And then, if you want the whole world to read it, get it reliably translated by a professional.

Visual design

A factsheet is a summary of no more than a couple of pages. It might consist entirely of text, but photographs, graphics, and good visual design help enormously in conveying your message and keeping it uppermost in people’s minds.

You’re in good company

If you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your factsheet, you’ll want this to come across in the translation. That’s why you should have it translated professionally. We have lots of experience, having worked on factsheet translations for clients including the nutrition app Questionmark, aid organization Dokters van de Wereld, and PR agency Blyde Benelux. Each received high-quality fact-sheets in various languages, where the message came across exactly as intended in the original. And even if you need a thorough edit rather than a translation, feel free to contact us.

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