Translate webshop

Translate webshop

Online shopping is something we take for granted. Gone are the days when a customer would read your ad in the newspaper, hop on their bicycle, and buy something from your shop. Today, if you want to sell your wonderful products, you’ll need a webshop. In the digital age, consumers spend more and more time online, and that’s where they’re most likely to learn about your business and brand. So your webshop is your trademark, and the importance of punchy copy can’t be overstated. But how exactly do you write good webshop copy?

Making the right choices

Do you write short or long copy, or both? Do you keep the layout minimalist, or use lots of visuals to catch people’s attention? Do you have a highly visible social stream? Is your copy SEO driven, or SEO friendly? These are just some of the questions you’ll need to answer when writing webshop copy. The choices you make are obviously dependent on your product, but it’s always important to write attractive text that keeps people’s attention and increases your conversions.

Our client Lightspeed, which offers e-commerce solutions for the retail and catering sectors, once wrote about the importance of good calls to action. Are you doing do this by using the imperative? Are you promising something? And are you creating urgency and scarcity, for example with a popup saying how many items you have left in stock? All of these are choices you’ll need to make as a webshop owner.

The best translations for your webshop

After many sleepless nights and meetings with your marketing team, you’ve finally answered all these questions and found the perfect tone of voice. Your next job is to get your copy translated so visitors from other countries can buy your e-bike or Greek olive oil.

And of course your finely crafted copy needs to sound just as good in a foreign language. As a translation and all-round copywriting agency, we’d be happy to take this job off your hands and ensure that it strikes the right chord with your customers. Here at The Translation Collective, we use experienced, professional translators with a background in copywriting, who’ll ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in translation. That way, your customers at home and abroad can enjoy the ultimate shopping experience from the comfort of their armchairs.

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