The Translation Collective works with qualified professionals and charges competitive and fair rates. We work according to the principle that two pairs of eyes are better than one, so every text is translated by a translator and checked by a native-speaking editor.

The following rates are based on the number of words in the finished document and do not include VAT.
Minimum charge for translations: €40,-


How u doin'?

English comes in many different flavours. The type of document and subject matter always determine the type of language. Whatever style of English you require – British English, US English, high-brow, pop culture, businesslike, digital, etc. – we have the right English-Dutch or Dutch-English translator for you.

Price NL-ENG / ENG-NL: from €0.16 per word


In der Kürze liegt die Würze

When we translate German, we’re pünktlich. Our Dutch-German translators are native German speakers. Qualified Dutch professionals translate our German-Dutch translations.

Price NL-GER / GER-NL: from €0.16 per word


C'est parti!

Je maintiendrai. France is second only to the US in terms of the popularity and export of its movies. Our French-Dutch and Dutch-French translators are at your service.

Price NL-FR / FR-NL: from €0.16 per word


Spanish is the first language of some 437 million people worldwide. If you need a Spanish-Dutch or Dutch-Spanish translation, upload a file now and receive a quote within two hours.


In Japan a Spaghetti Western is known as a Macaroni Western. We also deliver top-quality Italian translations. Request an offer now for an Italian-Dutch or Dutch-Italian translation.


Scandinavian detective series are hugely popular. Need a Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or Finnish translation? We’ll slip into our iconic woollen sweaters and send you a quote within two hours.


“is unattainable, that’s why we demand it in others,” according to Leo Tolstoy. We agree, although our Russian translators get pretty close.


In 1998 the Portuguese writer José Saramago won the Nobel Prize for literature. Our Portuguese-Dutch and Dutch-Portuguese translators are happy to take on literary and non-literary translations.


In 1991 some 2,000 non-natives took standard exams in Chinese (Mandarin). In 2005 that number was 117,660. Our Chinese (Mandarin) translators are happy to help you.


The Arabic language has at least eleven words for ‘love’ and hundreds for ‘camel’. Our Arabic-Dutch and Dutch-Arabic translators are mindful of this when they translate.

Other languages

Afrikaans? Japanese? Polish? The Translation Collective translates to and from all languages. Upload a file now and we will get back to you with a tailored quote within two hours.


We offer copywriting services from €90.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of €90.00.

Copy editing

Our price for proofreading and copy editing starts at €0.08 per word, with a minimum charge of €40.00.


We offer subtitling services starting at €11.00 per minute of film, with a minimum charge of €75.00 per video.