Series or trailer subtitling

Series or trailer subtitling

Films and TV series often take years of work. They start with a concept, the germ of an idea, and then the writing begins. Storylines, characters and dialogue are developed, and the end result is a script. Things begin to take shape: locations, actors and camera operators are chosen, the film is shot, edited, and post-processed, and a lot of material ends up on the digital equivalent of the cut-ting-room floor. And then you’re ready for the premiere!

Whether it’s a corporate video, documentary, drama series or feature film, you want the end result to reflect all the time and effort you’ve put into it. And that includes the subtitles, which have to be perfect down to the last detail.

The Translation Collective makes subtitling an art

We’ll give your project the love and attention it deserves, whether you’re looking for subtitles in English, Dutch, or any other language. For example, we did the Dutch subtitles for CCCP’s wonderful series Danny in de Buitenwijken, in which journalist Danny Ghosen visits the poorest parts of European cities. Because it was shot in so many places, and included multiple languages and fast-paced rap music, we had to work in a whole series of language combinations. This was a real challenge.

In the episode on Athens, for example, we had to translate not only from Greek but from Arabic, Russian, and Roma. Fortunately we found the right person for each combination, and delivered a beautiful set of subtitles in double-quick time.

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Looking for subtitles for your feature film, trailer, television series, or other film production? Contact us! We can help with any language combination, and it won’t break the bank.

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