Translating Excel

Translating Excel

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who panic when they see .xls in a filename, and those who are crazy about Excel. The Excel enthusiast is a special kind of person who sees life in terms of tables, whose heart beats faster when they see numbers ranked in order, flawless formulas, and clear diagrams. If you’re one of these people, we don’t need to explain the miracles a spreadsheet program can perform, but if you’re not, here’s a brief explanation.

What is an Excel file, and why is it useful?

Excel is a digital spreadsheet, like a piece of old-fashioned graph paper, but with huge possibilities. In Excel, the squares are called cells, and you can put formulas in them, allowing you to perform calculations on your data and display them in graphs. You can also link, split, select, and edit cells. Excel has all sorts of uses, both business and personal: administration, planning, logistics, finance, science, statistics.

Translating spreadsheets

Even if you’re not that into numbers, Excel can still be useful. You can also use it as a database, in-putting text that you can then automatically load into your new app or website. This can save a lot of time. Translating in Excel also works well: it’s easy to display multiple languages side by side and upload them back into your website as text. It also works fine the other way around, if you want to download text from the website and then edit it.

We translate Excel

Whatever Excel file you have, we’re happy to help you translate it. We’ll obviously make sure that all the digits stay in place and your carefully entered formulas still work in the translated file. Request a quote below, and we’ll contact you within two hours.

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