Translate funding and subsidy proposals

Translate funding and subsidy proposals

If you don’t have the money, your project won’t go ahead, so it’s vital that you find the right people and persuade them to fund it. If you need help translating or editing your grant application, The Translation Collective is the place to go.

What should you think about when drawing up an application?

In 2008 one of our clients, the Dutch broadcaster VPRO, made a programme entitled Metropolis. Young people from developed and developing countries reported on their daily lives, covering issues such as gender equality, health and hygiene, work, and education. The format was a big success, and was exported to a number of countries.

In 2015 funding for the programme was stopped, and the VPRO had to draw up a new finance plan. We helped them by editing the English version of this important document, using two editors and revising it thoroughly twice. Two years later, the new subsidy was granted.

How do you translate or edit a grant application?

Grant providers will go through your application with a fine-tooth comb, so it must be clear, easy to read, comprehensive, and attention grabbing. We work with clients to ensure that grant applications and similar documents, such as film festival submissions, are attractive and persuasive. Our translators and editors always work with your target readership in mind.

If you’d like a wordsmith to work on your grant application, The Translation Collective can help. You can request a quotation below, or contact us here for a free sample of our work.

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