Sworn translations

Sworn translations

Need a marriage certificate translated from Arabic to English, an important contract from English to Spanish, or a degree certificate into Italian? The Translation Collective is an all-round copywriting and translation agency, so we can also help with sworn translations. We have a large network of sworn translators in most language combinations, so if you need a translation of an official document, contact us.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is one that’s legally valid because it’s carried out by a translator who has sworn an oath in a court. It’s often necessary when you submit an official document to a government body, such as a birth, marriage or death certificate, degree certificate, customs document, court judgment, or company registration. A sworn translation bears a stamp officially confirming that it’s correct and complete.

Who provides a sworn translation?

In the Netherlands, a sworn translator is one who is entered on the register of sworn translators and interpreters, and has given an oath before a court stating that their translations will be correct and complete. Some have undergone special training in high-demand subject areas such as medical or legal translation. Sworn translators must renew their oaths every year, so you can be sure that you’re getting a reliable translation.

Getting a quote

Getting a quote for a sworn translation is simple. We’ll ask you either for the original document, or a good-quality photograph or scan. As with all translations, we’ll keep it confidential. If you need a sworn translation, contact us or request a quote below.

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