Translate social post

Translate social post

You can’t get away from social media these days. A single post can reach millions of people, unleash a social revolution, make or break your company’s image, or bring you up to date with Kim Kardashian’s latest favourite song. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn: there are countless channels that can achieve a huge reach among your target group.

Social media as a marketing tool

If you have a business, your potential reach through social media is at least equal to that of traditional media. Whether you post your own content or use influencer marketing, it provides a plat-form that lets you directly address your potential market, using sparkling copy, eye-catching images and smart targeting to make a big impact on the worldwide web.

A flair for content

There are many things to consider when writing copy for social media. Which channels do you plan to use? You’ll probably phrase it differently for the professionals who use LinkedIn than for the more visually oriented Instagram, where copy also disappears more quickly. And on Twitter, you’re bound by a maximum number of characters.

Here at The Translation Collective, we know precisely which copy suits which outlet. For example, we translate multi-channel social media copy for the Berry brand Driscoll’s into German, Norwe-gian, and Danish. We’ve also translated a lot of posts into French, German, and Dutch for the creative agency Like Friends.

Make an impact

Want to wow the world with your multilingual social content? Or just need an editor, an extra pair of eyes to make sure your copy is spot on? Contact us for a quote!

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