Due to the rise of new media it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively through language. In 2011 we concluded that the creative industries could use some help in that department. That’s why we established Het Vertaalcollectief (The Translation Collective), a dedicated translation agency for the creative industries. Since then many other sectors have found their way to Het Vertaalcollectief too. What began as a start-up has now grown into a well-established, creative and all-round text agency.

This is the dreamteam

This is the dreamteam


Miles is co-founder of The Translation Collective and final copy editor of all of our English texts. He was brought up in the UK, studied History and English Literature at the Free University of Amsterdam and has always had a special place in his heart for cultural life in and beyond Amsterdam. Miles also teaches English to senior lecturers and other staff at InHolland University of Applied Sciences. As account manager and all-round English language aficionado, he is always happy to help you find precisely the right tone of voice for your specific text.


Notwithstanding her name and the colour of her hair, translation coordinator Lina is not a middle-aged Swedish woman! After having lost her heart to the English language and then volunteering to defend animal rights and the environment, she now devotes herself daily to the creative gems HVC is privileged to translate. Lisa describes herself as ‘the worst hiker in the world’, but still hits the trail every weekend. Her secret gift? Crowd surfing to Idles in her living room.


Translation coordinator Anne graduated in translation studies and Leiden University and worked as a freelance book and song translator. Initially a Translation Collective groupie, she is now a fully fledged colleague. She loves England, all conceivable flavours of the English language and of course her English boyfriend Jack (aka ‘Noodle’). Anne’s superpower is always being able to find the perfect song for every occasion.


Milou organises everything behind the scenes and as a former translator herself, she now holds the reins of the project management department. After completing her Master of Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam, she worked as a ghostwriter and she was even a jeweller for a while. She is a walking helpdesk for the project management team, a dedicated problem-solver and as a committed vegan she enjoys tucking into a salad – or a McPlant – whenever her busy schedule permits.


As a software developer and passionate ICT strategist, Dennis works hard to put HVC on the digital map. In his spare time, as chair of the Basic Income Party, he campaigns for (what he calls) ‘common social sense’ and when he’s out on his motorbike, other people are a danger to him on the road. His objective? To make life simpler for us linguistic craftspeople by reducing the number of times we need to click.


During one of the many waves of the Covid pandemic, Channa washed up on our shore as a super-intern and she has stayed on as our content and marketing assistant. Channa lives in Weesp and besides being a lover of linguistics, she is also a die-hard Ajax fan. On weekends she likes to get up at the crack of dawn for online K-pop concerts and she’s always game for great (or terrible) pun.