Translate InDesign

Translate InDesign

These days it’s not just graphic designers who use Adobe InDesign®. Many organisations have realised what a useful tool it is for producing brand guides, bookazines, magazines, brochures, and other documents.
But translating your new magazine or brochure in InDesign is a whole different kettle of fish. To ensure that the translated version of your document matches the layout of the original, you’ll need a translator who respects your mise en page.

InDesign and copy

Is your copy light or heavy on visuals? What kind of margins will you need? Is the copy shorter or longer in other languages? These are the kinds of things an InDesign translator needs to take into account, which is why The Translation Collective works with experts who are at home both with languages and with this software.

Visual translation

For example, we translated recipe cards in InDesign for our client HelloFresh. The same copy can often be longer in French than in Dutch, so we had to make the translations fit the available space. Fortunately, our all-round in-house DTP and copy wizards make this child’s play. They come up with clever headlines and think up ways to shorten sentences, ensuring that your text matches the de-sign perfectly and looks as beautiful as it sounds!

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