Translate animations

Translate animations

An animation is a good way of conveying your message in a creative, appealing way. Want to explain a difficult concept in simple terms? Show people how to carry out a procedure? Or does your company make product videos? Whatever your animation is intended for, we’ll ensure it comes across loud and clear in any language.

How can you use animations?

Think animation, and you probably think cartoon, but this medium can be employed in many other ways. For example, a series of images can say a thousand words – and that’s precisely what our client Bord & Stift does: they make short whiteboard films that convey complex information in a simple way. Another client, in60seconds, specialises in infographics. We regularly help these two creative businesses to translate voiceovers or subtitle their wonderful animations.

How we work

Translating the voiceovers for these films is a skill in itself: the words have to be synchronised with the pictures, so our translators always read their copy aloud to make sure it fits. The right choice of words is also important, and voiceovers must sound clear and natural.

If you’re an animation company, or you make short films or videos, ask for a no-strings quote below, or contact us here. We’ll happily do a free sample translation to show you how good we are.

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