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If you’re planning to dine in a charming French restaurant without an English menu, machine translation can be a lifesaver, saving you from an unwanted plate of frog’s legs. But when it comes to technical software, functional animations or that beautiful book you’ve been working on for years, you might want to call in the professionals.

The Translation Collective, the premier translation company for the entrepreneurial, creative and cultural organizations with boundless ambition. Our team specializes in translation, copywriting, editing and subtitling to ensure your message is conveyed accurately and effectively.

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At The Translation Collective, we’ve curated an extensive network of language experts with diverse linguistic backgrounds and skill sets. Whether you need a meticulous editor, a persuasive copywriter, a talented translator, or a subtitling specialist, we have the perfect professional for the job. With our carefully selected team, you can trust that your message will be conveyed clearly and effectively in any language.

The power of project managers in translation companies

The mention of a “translation company” might conjure up a stereotypical image of translators hunched over piles of paperwork in a stuffy office. While this may hold true for some agencies, it certainly doesn’t apply to our translation agency. So, what should you expect from us?

Connecting the dots: human superpower

At the heart of the translation process is the project manager, a crucial player who ensures that everything runs smoothly. When a translation order is received by a translation company, it’s the project manager’s responsibility to analyze the client’s needs and find the best-suited translator or team for the job. At The Translation Collective, our project managers are not only friendly and excellent communicators, but also experts at problem-solving. They work collaboratively with you to ensure that the translations are perfectly matched to your specialization, and they carefully revise the translations to ensure accuracy.

Moreover, translation company like ours offer a broad range of translation services in multiple languages, so you don’t have to go to different agencies for each language. We are a one-stop-shop for all your translation needs. But that’s not all – our network of language experts is vast and diverse, covering a wide array of language disciplines. At The Translation Collective, we provide a additional services. So whether you need translation, subtitling, editing, copywriting, or any other linguistic service, we have got you covered.

Trust our expertise for your translation needs

Translating a script is a different ballgame than translating a marketing platform. A good translation company understands this and offers diverse services to cater to your specific needs.

As a creative, cultural and entrepreneurial translation company…
we understand that internationalizing your brand is a complex process. From localizing content to translating your webshop, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to export and translate content in various languages. We also have native speakers who understand the nuances of different cultures and can provide the best marketing strategy to suit your brand.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. Take for instance the cultural sector, there’s a lot of text that needs to be translated. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, exhibition texts are still crucial for many visitors. Additionally, Talent is not limited to a country, and we’re equipped to translate theatre plays in German, French, Spanish and other languages. At our translation company, we have a team of experts ready to cater to all your translation needs.

Creative translation is a profession in itself, and it can go wrong. Think of the subtitles on your favourite TV show, where proverbs are translated very literally. It turns a masterpiece into a joke. In order to avoid mistakes, translators at a translation agency must not only perfectly understand all the nuances of the source, but also be able to turn them into creative masterpieces. They must be able to shorten and explain where necessary, and retain where possible. In short, not an easy job.

… and much more

But creativity is not the only criterion for a translation company. Content is just as important. This is certainly true when it comes to sustainable translations for science, idealistic organisations or the food sector. If your company does business abroad, those boring annual reports need to be translated. And think of official documents such as court judgments, where a sworn translation is needed to convey the legal message. But content is also important for recipes; for HelloFresh meals, for example, it is important to know that preheating an oven to 400 degrees Celsius is not the same as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, creativity is not forgotten in this type of translation, and our translation company makes your recipes mouthwatering good in any language.

Then there is the digital world. Want to be able to reach millions of people with a social media post like a real Kardashian? Conquer the international market with your software or attract a foreign audience with your beautiful website? Then you are likely to come across things like UX copywriting, SEO copywriting, app or WordPress translation. Luckily, all these technical challenges are a piece of cake for specialist translation company!

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What makes working with The Translation Collective a delight? Our project managers are friendly, our translators are passionate language experts, and our writers are creative virtuosos. Many of our experts also have experience in the creative sector. We pride ourselves on being real people who work collaboratively with you, immersing ourselves in your book, film, or project. We’re more than just a translation company – we’re a team of experts who enjoy being invited to your drinks!

Blockbuster Video

Blockbuster Video

Take a trip down memory lane and discover our coolest video projects. From popular series to corporate videos, our video library showcases our best work. Get lost in our diverse collection of videos.

A translation company that translates your bestseller

As world-renowned writer Vladimir Nabokov once said, “I have rewritten – often several times – every word I have ever published.” While this may be an exaggeration, it underscores the importance of editing and ensuring language mistakes are caught and corrected. A good translation company can help with this process, providing language experts who can thoroughly check your masterpiece and ensure it is error-free.

However, editing is not just about catching language mistakes. A good editor can also help clarify plotlines and ensure they are easy to follow for readers who are not as familiar with the story’s magical world.

If you aspire for your book to become a global bestseller, it’s essential to consider literary translation. Literary translators face unique challenges, such as maintaining the author’s voice and style while accounting for cultural differences and linguistic nuances. For instance, references to Dutch culture like “bitterballen” or “wind against the dike” may need to be explained to an American audience. Non-fiction works also have their own challenges, as certain terms or concepts may be controversial or misunderstood in different languages. A skilled translator can find creative solutions to these challenges and ensure the translated work is a true masterpiece.

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How We Work and What We Charge

How We Work and What We Charge

The Translation Collective works with professionals and offers competitive and fair prices. We work according to the four-eye principle: every text is translated by a translator and proofread by an in-house editor. This is how it works:


If you’re interested in the fascinating world of translation, check out our unveiling tales. Our tales cover a range of topics, from the intricacies of subtitling to tips for translating an online shop. Our goal is to help you broaden your knowledge of the translation industry and gain a deeper understanding of the skills and expertise required to deliver high-quality translations.

For this media giant, we translated film and series synopses into French and Dutch.

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Videocontent is taking over the web

Anyone who has spent hours scrolling through the vast selection of films and series on Netflix knows that the choice can be overwhelming. While there is something for everyone, it can be difficult to choose from the endless options. With the explosion of video content in recent years, subtitles have become increasingly important for translation companies. Whether it’s an Oscar-winning film or a corporate video for overseas subsidiaries, subtitles ensure that the message is conveyed clearly.

But subtitling isn’t limited to films and TV shows. Subtitles for pop songs or fast-paced rap videos can also help ensure that the right words are being sung. For example, no one will wonder why ABBA is talking about “kicking the dancing queen” when they see the lyrics written out.

Subtitling can be complex, requiring subtitlers to take into account things like the maximum number of characters per frame and different types of software. Specialist subtitlers are in high demand and can be hard to find, but a translation company has the right experts in-house to handle even the most challenging subtitling projects.

Would you like to know more about the video content that The Translation Collective has subtitled? Take a look at our Blockbuster Video!

With The Translation Collective you will find your perfect translation partner!

Are you looking for a translation agency with friendly project managers, specialised translators and true language lovers? Then get in touch with Amsterdam-based translation company The Translation Collective. We can help you with a wide range of projects. Whether it is a literary masterpiece or an official document, our all-round experts are always at your service!

Your Questions Answered: FAQs

Your Questions Answered: FAQs

Any pressing questions about what we can do for you as a translation company? Read all the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How do I know which is the best translation agency for me to work with?

A good first step is to see who has gone before you. Who has the translation company translated for? Are they leading clients and similar to your company? If so, there is a good chance that they will be able to handle your job. Be sure to ask for a test translation. This will allow you to check that the style and quality of the agency’s work matches your wishes and expectations.

How does a translation agency determine the price of my translation?

When setting the price for our translations, we take into account the following: word rates, rush charges and a minimum price. Word rates are based on the language combination. For example, a English to Spanish translation will be cheaper than a translation into Uzbek.

What languages can I contact the Translation Collective for?

We translate to and from all languages! We use the four-eye principle. Your text is translated by a translator and then checked by a (native) editor. So even if you need your text translated into Tuvulan, you can come to us.

What is a native speaker translator and why does a translation agency choose to work with them?

When we refer to native translators, we mean professionals who have grown up speaking the language they are translating into. This ensures that our translators not only possess impeccable language skills, but also a deep understanding of the culture, people, and values of their language. Thus, your translated documents will always effectively communicate with the target audience. Contact us at Het Vertaalcollectief for translations that perfectly match your needs.

Can I contact you for an urgent translation?

Yes, we can! For urgent requests, we can turn around your assignment at lightning speed without compromising on the quality of the translation. Contact us to find out when we can deliver your urgent translation.

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is a translation of an official document. This document must be notarised and stamped, and is translated and signed by a sworn translator. These translators are listed on the Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters and ensure that your official document is legally valid abroad.