Translate website

Translate website

If you can’t find something online these days, it probably doesn’t exist. Websites are the new busi-ness cards, telling people who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. But whether your site is designed to increase your reach, launch new products and services, create trust and understand-ing, build a digital presence, or make you stand out from others in your sector, the quality of the copy can make or break it.

From idea to translation

With website translations, as with everything else in life, preparation is everything. So start by de-ciding what tone of voice you want your site to have, and draw up a style guide to tell the translator how you plan to address visitors and the values you want to communicate.

One important aspect of website translation is localisation: just because something works in English doesn’t automatically mean it will in French or Dutch. Here at The Translation Collective, we like to make sure we’re singing from the same hymnsheet as our clients. That’s the approach we adopted in providing English website translations for the Excel training company Smartenup, and for Brum Design, which specialises in product packaging.

We can translate your website into any language under the sun

You’ll need to upload new content regularly to keep your website up to date and interesting, and this will obviously need translating too.
Our longterm relationship with the Dutch file transfer service WeTransfer shows what a major task this can be. When we visited them to discuss their philosophy and tone of voice, they told us they regarded localisation as particularly important: the copy must read as though it was written by someone in the customer’s own country.
We set up a team of translators and editors to adapt content into ten languages, and have been working successfully with them ever since. Because we’re in constant communication, we have a great relationship and they get great translations.

Website translation

When we translate a website, we like to work from a detailed style guide. If you don’t have one, we can help you draw one up. Whatever you need, The Translation Collective can help! Ask for a quote below, or contact us for a translation that gets your message across with crystal clarity.

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