Translate theatre play

Translate theatre play

The fact that the Netherlands exports tulips, cheese and an endless stream of 16-year-old DJs probably hasn’t escaped your attention. But did you know that our plays are also very popular across the border in Germany? The vast majority of translations of Dutch plays are into German, followed by English and French. If you want yours to reach a whole new audience, The Translation Collective can help.

How does theatre script translation work?

We get excited about requests to translate theatre scripts. It means that we can work with our most creative translators, focusing on texts that are sometimes poetic, sometimes raw and colloquial. You can’t get away with a one-to-one translation, and the translator must be at home in the theatre and very imaginative. In addition, more and more performances use surtitles, which means that our subtitlers are also kept busy. We regularly provide translations for the Noord Nederlands Toneel theatre company, for example for the play Dear Winnie.

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