Translating annual report

Translating annual report

Writing an annual report is a big job. Once you’ve collected all the facts and figures, you need to summarise everything that’s happened in your organization over the past year in a readable and (if possible) concise report. Not only must the facts be correct, but it’s important to use the right terms.

And once the report is finished, it must often be made available in several languages. That’s where The Translation Collective comes in! We’ll help you with the translation or final editing of your annual report, and we know all the jargon.

Professional translators with expertise

When you translate an annual report, the terminology must comply with legal requirements. This requires a translator with knowledge of the jargon, so we use people who have a knack not just for languages, but for numbers (yes, they exist!). If your annual report doesn’t need to be translated, but could use some final editing, we’d be happy to help with that. For example, we’ve edited the annual report of our client Amsterdam Art.

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