Mission statement translation

Mission statement translation

Your mission is your vision, your goal, your ‘why’. We hear a lot about mission statements these days, and that’s a good thing, because a company without a mission is like a rudderless ship. But what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important?

What is a mission?

Your vision and mission are closely linked. When you define them, ask yourself what an ideal world would look like for you or your organization. What’s the dot on the horizon that you’re setting course for? With that in mind, you can start thinking about how to achieve that ideal and make the world a better place.

The answer to this question is the mission you plan to achieve with your product, service or organization. It also defines your identity: what you stand for and the values you want to propagate. A clear mission not only gives your company focus, but also keeps your employees onside and attracts the right customers.

Broaden your perspectives: translate your mission statement

Whether you’re a long-established company that has gradually expanded abroad, or a startup with international ambitions, you’ll want to make sure that your mission is clearly defined and properly implemented. Sometimes you’ll need a clear idea of it in another language. And that’s where we come in, because delivering professional, high-quality translations happens to be our mission.

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