Food text translations

Food text translations

Food is no longer just one of life’s necessities: it’s a religion! You are what you eat, and what you consume says a lot about your personal beliefs: sustainable, fairtrade, organic, vegetarian, vegan or ketogenic, there’s a diet for everyone.
Food is also a booming industry. From meal package deliveries to craft beer, new food businesses are popping up like mushrooms, and all rely on mouthwatering copy to sell delicious products.

We will sink our teeth in your food texts.

From translations on molecular gastronomy to editorials on the most complex recipes: The Translation Collective will make every recipe or text a success.
As a regular partner for several food companies, we’ve managed to become true specialists on food texts. Our work includes weekly translations of the recipes on HelloFresh’s meal boxes for the Walloon market, a coffee table book for ELLE magazine and monthly social media posts translated in German, Danish and Norwegian for Driscoll’s.

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Food texts can offer unique challenges that must be accounted for in translations. Ingredients might not be available in a certain region, and sizes and weights of products can vary. It’s especially important to be aware of local customs for the translations of a food text, and adding localisation to our translations is something our translators are well accustomed to. If you’re curious to see which seasoning we would use to serve you your text, contact us here or see below to request a quote for a Michelin star worthy translation from our part!

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