Website editing

Website editing

Sadly, the days when a customer would read your ad in the newspaper, hop on their bike and come to buy your products and services are long gone. Today, they spend a large part of their time on the internet, and an online presence is de rigueur. A good website lets customers find out more about you from the comfort of their armchairs, and put your products in their digital shopping basket with a single click.

Let an expert edit your website

When you’ve put your heart and soul into your site, and are ready for people to come and buy things from you, it’s always useful to have a second pair of eyes. A professional editor can spot grammatical errors, stylistic bloopers, and other infelicities, and take your site to even greater heights of perfection.

Alternatively, perhaps you created the site a while ago, and it’s time for a spring clean. Here again, this is our editors’ bread and butter. They’ll take a critical look at your copy, suggest turns of phrase that show your product in an even better light, and ensure that your SEO keywords are up to the mark.

The Translation Collective can help

If you’ve got a great website and would like someone else to give it the once over, we can help you dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We’ll edit it, and give you a list of helpful suggestions. Ask for a quote below, or read more about website editing here.

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