Software translation

Software translation

Good software is fast, flexible, and hassle free. Users shouldn’t have to put up with incomprehen-sible error messages or irritating linguistic mistakes on their screens, and if instructions have been translated into their language, this should not be apparent.

If you develop software and want your foreign customers to have the perfect user experience, our advice is ask a professional to translate it.

Software experts

We use professional translators with long experience of software, who know their way around the digital landscape and aren’t afraid of a little code here and there. It’s also important to be well versed in localization, being familiar with the standards and values of the target language culture. Our creative translators are very good at this.

Tone of voice

We translate online software for our client WeTransfer, always adhering to their tone of voice and ensuring that users think the words have been written in their mother tongue rather than translat-ed. We’ve been doing this successfully for years, in ten languages.

Let The Translation Collective handle it!

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