Translating general terms and conditions

Translating general terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are the foundation of your business. Of course most customers probably won’t pay them the slightest attention, but if anything goes wrong you may have to rely on them. It’s a good idea to put your terms and conditions on your website, and possibly refer to them in the signature of every email you send, to ensure that your product or service is governed by your rules and not other people’s.

If you want your terms of business checked for language and grammatical errors, or want to ensure that your foreign customers can understand them, we’ll edit them or translate them into any language you care to mention.

The small print

Terms and conditions need to be legally valid in the first instance, but it’s also important that they’re clearly written. Our legal translators will produce an accurate rendition of the original without lapsing into legalese that’s difficult to understand. So that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

It can also be a good idea to have a short summary of your terms and conditions in the original language, or translated. We can do that too!

The Translation Collective: we’re here to help

Whether you need your terms and conditions translated into French, Czech, or Arabic, our team of experienced legal translators can help. That way, you and your customers in other countries have a set of ground rules to work from. If you need a translation of your terms and conditions, please request a quote below or contact us here.

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