Translating songs

Translating songs

Music is a universal language, but you can miss out on a lot if you don’t understand the lyrics. You may have sung along to The ketchup song or Despacito umpteen times, but do you know what they’re about? Translating the words lets you strike a chord with audiences that speak other languages. If you’re looking to have your lyrics translated, or your poetry for that matter, read on.

The Translation Collective can help your song reach a wider audience

Translating a song well demands a whole raft of skills. It’s made up of separate components that together form a powerful whole: melody, rhythm, metre, rhyme. The translator has to make all these pieces fit without losing the feel of the song, so it’s a very creative task.

We recently handled an exciting project for the SPRING theatre and dance festival, translating a French music and poetry slam video. It tested our creative skills to the limit.

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