Translate articles

Translate articles

Sometimes, it’s so important the whole world needs to hear it. Maybe you’re a journalist, and you want your powerful op-ed to be shouted from the rooftops and spark a global debate. Or maybe you’re a media company that wants to reach an international audience. The Translation Collective can help you do just that.

How does that work, translating an article?

Articles come in different shapes and sizes. They include academic articles, news pieces, and features, and each has its own style. News tends to be staccato, with the emphasis on simplicity and clarity, while background and lifestyle pieces may lend themselves to more discursive prose and poetic licence. When it comes to translating articles, style and tone are just as important as conveying the content accurately.

Our clients include Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, the highly regarded investigative journalism site Follow The Money, and the European Cultural Foundation, In each case, we take a close look at the style of the original article, and reflect this in the translation.

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