Book translation: same story, different language

Book translation: same story, different language

Translating books written with love is a real challenge. Our translators can capture the essence of a book, so that readers in other cultures experience not just the same narrative, but the same tone, finely crafted metaphors, and stylistic impact as the original.

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What should you think about when having a book translated?

Staying close to the source requires a whole laundry list of skills. Translators must understand the subject and cultural context of the book, know how to use linguistic registers and sociolects and, perhaps most importantly, be bold and avoid translationese. If you’re a publisher, it’s useful to have a style guide covering general topics such as spelling and linguistic issues. We regularly produce these in consultation with clients, to ensure that the translation maintains the character of the original.

Book translations by the Translation Collective

When translating fiction, we use highly experienced literary translators. And in nonfiction, we work with people who know the subject inside out. We can also groupsource books to more than one translator, with an editor to ensure consistency, so you get your translation more quickly without making any sacrifices in terms of quality.

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