Telling your brand story

Telling your brand story

Your organisation and its products and services have a unique history, and it’s important to share this with potential customers. Your brand story is the essence of your business, and your whole marketing strategy should be built around it. It’s about things like inspiring blog posts, carefully thought-through Instagram pages, gorgeous product design, and riveting videos that make you stand out from the crowd. A good brand story helps you to build ties with your target market and tell them what you stand for.

Hot air

Consumers will switch off if you try to sell them things dishonestly, tell them you’re the best, or claim that your product is new and improved. Nobody likes hot air, and messages like this are a hundred times more likely to end up in the digital dustbin.

Your unique story

A good brand story is an honest account of how your business or product came to be. It uses copy that’s effective, exciting, inspiring, often funny, and offers a glimpse behind the scenes. One of our clients is Driscoll’s, one of the world’s biggest sellers of berries and other fruit. Their story begins in 1870 with two brothers in law who decided to grow the best strawberries on the planet. And their website traces the company’s path since then, showing that they’re not just fruit farmers, but people with a passion. They grow not only strawberries, but all kinds of soft fruit, and their Instagram page chronicles the adventures of the Berry Friends, their products come to life. Take a look at the German, Danish, or Norwegian versions, and you’ll see what we mean.

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