Always wanted to know how old Super Mario is? And whether your pets actually think? Quest magazine has an answer to all your pressing questions. Their aim is to make science fun and accessible. Quest itself calls this ‘braintainment’. We translate their fascinating texts into English and also take care of the final editing of the English edition.

The translation work

The great thing about these translations is that the subjects are so diverse. From spiders to investment tips and from music to human robots. The magazine covers virtually every conceivable topic. We also translate content for Quest’s English-language Instagram page. This means that our translators will never be short of interesting facts to share at parties. Did you know that the longest pizza ever measured was 1,930 metres? Or that taking a cold shower rather than a short one is actually better for the climate? By the way: Super Mario was born in 1981 and was initially called Jumpman! There you go, a nice little fact to whip out if you’re ever in desperate need of an icebreaker.

Our approach

Quest is a visual magazine, full of big, colourful pictures. So we definitely had to take the layout into account. English is a slightly more elaborate language than Dutch, meaning the translated texts might turn out a bit longer. So besides providing accurate translations, we also delivered a fitting layout and neat design. Quest also has a very distinct tone of voice. Cheerful and accessible. They avoid jargon and explain lots of terms, but their text is never overly pedagogical. The translators are free to rewrite headings and sub-headings. They are allowed to make puns, language jokes and alliterations. Fortunately, English has plenty of puns to choose from!

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