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Massive Music

Lyrical translation English-German and English-French of the song “It’s OK to throw a plant away”

Translating a song, also known as a lyric translation, is an art. This assignment contained three challenges: the number of syllables had to remain the same, the rhyme had to be preserved, and there had to be as much humor in the translation as in the original. The title of the song: It’s OK to throw a plant away.

Singing translators

We asked our most creative and musical translators to take on this challenge. They even sang the end result for us so the client could hear that it really fit the melody. Massive Music was very happy with our translation.

“I really have to say that I am positively surprised by the German lyrical translation – in my opinion a real challenge. Super nice to read (and hear) that it really didn’t become a word-for-word translation but a unique and distinctive interpretation of the song. Awesome!”
-Moos Lamerus: Producer, MassiveMusic