The Dutch ‘Gabber’ culture started in the 90’s and is still going strong. Gabbers listen to hardcore techno music, are typically bald shaven, or partly shaven for women and can be seen in colorful jumpsuits with predominantly Nike Air  sneakers. Thunderdome has been hosting Hardcore Gabber events for 25 years now, and to celebrate the book ‘Thunderdome’ was published.

  • Author: Arne van Terphoven
  • Title: Thunderdome
  • Service provided: Translation


Thunderdome began in October 1992 and unleashed a new youth culture in The Netherlands. Hardcore has it’s ups and downs, but many fans are still loyal to the culture to this day. After a five year absence, Thunderdome returned in 2017 with the biggest edition of the event ever. Over fourty nationalities came to Utrecht to party and to prove Gabbers are here to stay.
This book covers the story of Thunderdome as the world’s biggest hardcore event in both text and images. With page-filling artwork, interviews, wild stories from the events, the line-ups and an expansive report of 2017’s great return.

‘The stories are gripping, easy to read and the opinions and memories of the many artists give this book even more character. 400 pages might sound like a lot, but it could’ve easily been 800, which still could been easily devoured.’

– Partyflock

‘It really sucks that there are so few copies of this book!!! I had to get it through a good friend from the Netherlands, and it really was worth the effort. The book documents all the work behind one of the greatest Hardcore Techno festivals in the world, and also gives a good glimpse to the rise and boom of Gabber culture in the Netherlands’

– Goodreads

‘The entirety of Thunderdome in a 400 pages coffee table book. Hundreds of photo’s published for the first time and wild tales from back then and now.’

– RTL Boulevard

Service provided

Many of our employees at the The Translation Collective are big fans of electronic music, so we were glad to pick this one up. Our English translation and content-related feedback allows fans from around to enjoy the journey Thunderdome has made, and this is certainly a must have for every Gabber.

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