Thinking about money and value

Thinking about money and value

‘Thinking about money and value’ is a bundle of 23 key articles from different fields of study. Each of the studies shows a different perspective on topics such as money, capitalism and economic growth.

  • Author: Bundled by Karim Benammar
  • Title: Thinking about money and value
  • Service provided: Dutch translation


Where does money come from, and how is value created? What is the moral basis of our capitalist system, and does money or economic growth provide happiness? These questions aren’t easy to answer, even though we’re all handling money on a daily basis. Even though plenty of texts on these topics have been written in the past century, only few of us really know the inner workings of the economy. This bundle brings several of the key texts, written by philosophers, sociologists, historians, bankers and traders, together in an single book to cover the ideas at the base of current economic system. This bundle is filled with texts to make you think about the role of the economy in our lives, and our current stance on money, economic growth and the distribution of wealth. Included are texts from: : Aristotle, Karl Marx, John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Krugman, George Soros, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Bernard Lietaer, Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith, Max Weber, Simon Schama, Thorstein Veblen, Colin Campbell, Alain de Botton, Georges Bataille, Jan Pen, Julian Simon, John Maynard Keynes, Peter Singer, Philippe van Parijs, Hernando de Soto en Muhammad Yunus.

Service provided

We’ve translated several chapters in this bundle to Dutch. Our biggest challenge was the academic nature of the texts. Some chapters were not that accessible for the average reader, and the publisher wished for us to improve the readability of the texts. Fortunately, this is our expertise!

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