The pursuit of power: Europe 1815-1914

The pursuit of power: Europa 1815-1914

Historian and author Richard J. Evans specializes in the 19th and 20th century, and The pursuit of power is a must read for anyone interested in understanding European politics during this time period.

  • Author: Richard J. Evans
  • Title: The pursuit of power: Europa 1815-1914
  • Service provided: Dutch translation


The 19th century is perhaps the most remarkable period in European history. Technology advanced in a rate never seen before, industries and cities grew like crazy and nations and a general feeling of optimism of the future was felt around the continent.
These changes and advancements had one thing in common: the pursuit of power from all ranks of society. Capitalism was booming, and everyone tried to either gain economical- or political power, or both. Richard J. Evans discusses the changing societies, revolutions  and wars that marked late 19th and early 20th Europe history.

Service provided

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