The fasting diet

The fasting diet

Dr. Michael Mosley (1957)  became famous with his BBC shows on biology, health, the human body, food and fasting. Mimi Spencer is renowned for her work as a food journalist, writing for several newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, Marie Claire and Observer Food Monthly. Together they have introduced a new and revolutionary way of dieting.

  • Authors: Michael Mosley, Mimi Spencer
  • Title: The fasting diet
  • Service provided: Dutch translation


The fasting diet is as simple as it sounds: you get to eat normally for 5 days a week and fast for the remaining two. Women are allowed up to 500 calories and men 600 calories on a fasting day. Scientific research has shown this diet is not only good for rapid weight loss, but also limits the risks of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. The fasting diet includes a method to calculate the amount of calories you eat and offers recipes to easily fit into your daily life.

Service provided

We’ve translated this book from English to Dutch. This proved to be a complex endeavor with plenty of specific terminologies in the English text. Luckily, we welcome a challenge and gladly accepted. With the creation of a glossary to help us navigate the text, we managed to produce a coherent and well-rounded text in Dutch.

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