Roosevelt and Stalin

Roosevelt and Stalin

Roosevelt and Stalin: 2 polar opposites in a forced alliance during the Second World War. The Capitalist West and the Communist East joined forces to fight a well known common enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. American journalist and biographer Susan Butler explores the story behind this unusual alliance in: Roosevelt and Stalin.

  • Author: Susan Butler
  • Title: Roosevelt and Stalin
  • Service provided: Translation, lay-out and final editing


This biography is based on a large amount of newly acquired information, and it dives into the remarkable diplomatic relationship between Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin during the Second World War.

Secret documents and emergency telegrams from several archives allow Butler to show the reader how the two politically diverging world powers were forced to collaborate during the Second World War. Butler also elaborates on how the unusual partnership changed the geo-political landscape after 1945.

The book goes in-depth on several important meeting between the two world leaders. The first personal meetings between Stalin and Roosevelt happened at the conference in Teheran in 1943, where the next phase of the war was to be discussed. The second meeting in Jalta, 2 months before Roosevelts deceased, was in February 1945. The unconditional surrender of the German forces was accepted, Europe was reshaped and Stalin agreed to participate in Roosevelts concept of the UN.

Butler also shows how the personal relations changed over time. Important is how Stalin’s perception of Roosevelt as the key to a peaceful world came to be. This book is a fascinating and revealing portrait of the crucial historical and personal collaboration between two world leaders..

‘Roosevelt and Stalin…an ambitious new portrait of the partnership that saved the world from Nazi tyranny’

– Boston Globe

‘An illuminating portrait of the complex partnership between Roosevelt and Stalin and their combined efforts to defeat Nazi Germany and promote peace’

– StarTribune

‘This painstaking examination of Roosevelt and Stalin’s complicated relationship centers on two face-to-face meetings…. particularly compelling is her account of F.D.R.’s death’

– New Yorker

Service provided

This translation was commissioned by publisher Hollands Diep. Our priority in historical texts is to ensure every aspect of the content remains correct after translation. This also includes the table of contents, bibliography and the footnotes. The result of our hard work, wich included an expansive round of editing, is a high quality and flawless Dutch translation we are proud of.

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