Eating raw unprepared food is gaining popularity as a major component of a healthy lifestyle. Advocates of a raw food diet claim it is healthier, and helps people who want to lose some weight. American author and founder of ‘Brad’s Raw Food’, Brad Gruno, is a stout believer of the benefits of a raw diet and he wrote down his findings in his book: Raw made easy.

  • Author: Brad Gruno
  • Title: Raw
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Start eating raw food to get rid of you high cholesterol, sleeplessness, tiredness and depression, and say hello to a healthy life.

Raw made easy is the perfect book for anyone who’s curious about raw food, but doesn’t have much time, money or effort to spend. The special 80/20 guideline makes sure you can fully embrace the lifestyle, while leaving some space for your favourite cooked and grilled recipes. More energy, better health and a slimmer figure are still guaranteed with this diet, according to Grad. A simple three-step-plan will help make the transition to this diet a piece of cake.

This book covers:

The science behind plant-based food
A three step plan towards a raw food diet
The ingredients for a successful 80/20 raw-lifestyle
150 simple, quick and delicious recipes
How to lose weight and gain energy with a healthier lifestyle

Brad Gruno is the founder of Brad’s Raw Foods. The company produces ‘raw snacks’, like chips, crackers and raw wine. They are globally renowned among raw-diet foodies and fans.

‘He offers an approach to raw food that’s one-third educational pep talk and two-thirds instruction and recipes’

– Chic Vegan

‘150 quick, scrumptious, and easy recipes’

– Blackgold

‘Eating Raw Could Change Your Life, with Brad Gruno’

– Operation Self Reset

Service provided

Our translators, editors and subtitlers are true foodies. We’ve been translating food texts for companies such as HelloFresh and Shoot My Food for years, and this book was both intriguing and insightful for our team. We’ve worked hard to bring this diet and lifestyle to the Dutch market with our translation.

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