Quest magazine

Quest magazine

What do you pets actually think? How old is Super Mario, and how does a person develop a particular taste in music? Quest has the answers! The magazine provides ‘braintainment’: fun and accessible science. And thanks to us, The Translation Collective, this braintainment is also available for everyone who reads English.

  • Author: Quest magazine
  • Title: Quest magazine
  • Service provided: Translation, editing and design


The subjects in Quest magazine range from spiders to the stockmarkets and from music to human robots. This makes Quest a fun and diverse magazine for everyone. If you don’t like reading physical magazines, you can check out their Instagram page, which we have translated to English for your reading pleasure. It contains some useful facts for parties, because people absolutely need to know the longest pizza ever made is 1930 meters. And in case you were still wondering about Super Mario: He was born in 1981 as Jumpman!

Service provided

Quest magazine offers a lot of visuals alongside their texts. Because translated texts are often shorter or longer, we also had to provide the lay out of the pages with our translations.  These translations also had to be accessible and fun to read without becoming to scientific. Quest gave us free reign on the text and visuals, and left us plenty of room for puns and wordplay. We would therefore heartily recommend the English editions for some witty and interesting ‘braintainment’!

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