Netting Air- From the Low Land

Netting Air- From the Low Land

Chikako Watanabe was born in Kariya, Japan in 1969. When she participated in a poster project for aids awareness during her masters in ceramics at the Kyoto City University of Arts, she noticed the Dutch posters were completely different in style than those of other countries. She was fascinated by the Netherlands and the Dutch and she eventually immigrated to the Netherlands in 1995 to work and live in Amsterdam. Watanabe targets local cultures and traditions of communities in het projects. She created mixed-media-installations based on her findings and often hosts performances and workshops alongside them.

  • Author: Chikako Watanabe
  • Title: Netting Air- From the Low Land
  • Service provided: English editing


From the low land covers 5 projects (Survival Net Project, Tide, Lloyd Life, Island Tracing and Dog Folly) by means of photo’s, handwritten notes, essays and detailed analyses. It also features an overview of the playful art produced by Watanabe in the past 20 years of her career. Her work is aimed at social interactions and communication between people, and is often inspired by the  curiosities of daily life. The Survival Project, for example, was born after Watanabe learned to make fishing nets from a local fisherman. The creation of a fishing net became an inspiration and creating clothing, art installations and workshops.

Service provided

We have provided the editorial work of the English texts In collaboration with House Marseille. We kept in close contact with one of their curators and with Watanabe to ensure their style and wording preferences were followed. We also gave our feedback on the tone-of-voice and style of the narrating. This resulted in a neatly arranged overview of all of Watanabe’s works.

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