Feel the Bern!

Feel the Bern!

Bernie Sanders is an American democratic senator from Vermont. He is well known and liked among the generally younger generations of Democrats, and he has received the Time Magazine person of the year award in 2015. ‘Feel the Bern!’ was Bernie Sanders campaign slogan during his bid for presidency in 2016. Sanders tells his story in this biography, from activism in his younger years to his political career and eventual candidacy for president.

  • Author: Bernie Sanders, Huck Gutman
  • Title: Feel the Bern!
  • Service provided: Dutch translation


Bernie Sanders decided to declare his presidential candidacy on 30 april 2015. His charismatic appearance, atypical campaign funded by supporters rather than corporations and left wing policies allowed him to create a large following.
‘Feel the Bern!’ discusses Sanders activism in his younger years until his presidential bid. As a student, he supported the civil rights movement, protested against the Vietnam war and advocated for economic and social equality. Sanders eventually managed to start a political movement in his home state of Vermont and become an independent in the House of Representatives.

Service provided

We are no strangers to urgent project with strict deadlines, but with only month to translate this 334 pages long biography, ‘Feel the Bern!’ is one of the tightest deadlines we have had. As big fans of Bernie Sanders, we were motivated to finish this project in record time, and we are proud to present the Bern in Dutch.

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