A spy among friends

A spy among friends

Ben Macintyre is a British historian, journalist, writer and columnist for The Times newspaper. He has written several novels and presented BBC documentaries of his work on war espionage. His novel A spy among friends was praised by critics.

  • Author: Ben Macintyre
  • Title: Een spion onder vrienden
  • Service provided: Translation from English to Dutch


Kim Philby, head of the British espionage department, is one of the greatest double-spies of all times. He is brilliant, charming, and unbeknownst to anyone, including his best friend and fellow officer Nicholas Elliott, working for the Russians.

Kim Philby managed to sabotage most of the British-American spy activities for almost two decades by passing on information he received from his fellow officers and the CIA. Philby’s spy fever started during the Second World War, where he was inspired by the German espionage on the Netherlands military targets before Hitler’s invasion.

A spy among friends is one of Macintyres best creations so far. Based on unpublished documents of the British intelligence,  it’s a milestone in Cold War historical story telling. A spy among friends is an absolute must read for Cold war and spy novel fans.

Service provided

A spy among friends was one of the first novels translated by us. Our team was eager to get started, and as expected, thoroughly enjoyed both reading and translating this novel.

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